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Inspiration Series: Hailey the Clown

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This is part of a series on what inspiration means to the people I meet while traveling in search of my own inspiration.

Hailey’s a bubbly, free spirit. We met in Chennai, India in 2015 and traveled together for a while. We met again in Kathmandu a month later. She’s a clown by profession, making her a delight to be around. Especially in India! This is Hailey’s Inspiration:

What is Inspiration?

“Inspiration is a feeling state that contains the impetus to move—a sensation that transfers in from the outside and back again. It’s a cycle. It’s the feeling of light moving through you, matching you and directing you into new territory. It is kinetic. A pure energy, ecstatic, filled with promise, the hope of existing beyond the norm, without the masks. True inspiration, that is, continued motivation after the whirlwind of the experience, is a rarity. Inspiration is action that follows through. It fuels you to utilize the wave, to recognize the blessing of being kissed by unique winds.”

Hailey 5

What Inspires You?

“People that share their words, ideas and actions from a genuine place. Those whose action or intent would not change for a dollar. Those who act despite fear because their heart knows it’ll all be okay. Sharing because you want to, speaking because you mean it from the heart.

“Seeing those who live simply.”

“Visions. Dreams. Lucidity.”

“Happy, loving children, and the idea of having children someday.

“Unconditional love. When laughter heals, uplifts and inspires. Believing in the unknown and trusting it. Meeting others who get it, who feel the same vibes. People digging deep. Collaboration. Possibility. People who cook from scratch. Food from the backyard. Bright colors, strange paintings, and the smell of incense. Spiders and other spirit animals, who say more than I will ever understand. Movement, in it’s many forms.” ;0)

Check out Hailey’s YouTube video series “Safety Sue’s International Adventures”


Hailey 1

Hailey clowning around in India

Hailey 2

Chillin’ in Nepal

Hailey 3

“Listen to the inspiration”

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