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Seconds in India Video – Through The Eyes of a Traveler

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When anyone asks me what traveling in India is like, a vivid set of images flash through my mind. India is a vast, vivid land with extremes around every corner. Everything is an adventure from one scene to another. Bustling multitudes of humanity grow beside spectacular landscapes. Death and enlightenment happen the same street. Poverty surrounds pockets of extraordinary wealth. This is India — a land of …

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Inspiration Series: Hailey the Clown

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This is part of a series on what inspiration means to the people I meet while traveling in search of my own inspiration. Hailey’s a bubbly, free spirit. We met in Chennai, India in 2015 and traveled together for a while. We met again in Kathmandu a month later. She’s a clown by profession, making her a delight to be …

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My Guru Was a Seven-year-old Gypsy

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I came to India thinking an old bearded Wiseman would come to me and teach me about life and who I am. However, my guru wasn’t old, nor a man, but a seven year-old, dark-skinned gypsy girl with a dirty pink t-shirt, short-cropped hair and a huge smile. She skipped up the dusty beach road to my friends and me …

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A Few Observations From My First Month in India

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After a few hours in India it became clear that I was in for an experience much more vivid than any image books and films painted in my mind. Flashing scenes of street vendors, potent smells of food and waste, and cluttered sounds of activity and traffic all bombarded my senses. One thing went through my mind one scene after …