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Nepal Earthquake Survival Story: Day 2 (with photos)

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This is part 2 of my 3 part series sharing my experiences during the Nepal earthquake. Click here for part 1. April 26, 2015: One day after the Nepal earthquake I opened my eyes in the little hotel room in Kathmandu, took in a breath and stretched. Sunshine poured through the window and shone on a crooked painting hanging on the …

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Nepal Earthquake Survival Story: Part 1 (with photos)

In Asia, Featured Posts, Jesse's Journal, Narrative Essay, Nepal by Jesse Anderson7 Comments

This was posted on the anniversary of the April 25, 2015 Nepal Earthquake, to the minute. For over fifty million years, Earth’s tectonic plates have shaped the continents we travel today. When the Indian plate collided with the Eurasian plate, the Himalayan mountain range was born. As India pushes into China today, the Himalayas rise one centimeter per year. Deep below the mountains, …

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How NOT to do a 10-day Vipassana Meditation Course

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What is a Vipassana meditation course? Vipassana meditation is a specific technique originally mastered and taught by the Buddha two and a half centuries ago. It’s now taught at 10-day residential courses all over the world. These courses are the only way to learn Vipassana. Once committing to the entire ten days, students take an oath to abide by five …

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Inspiration Series: Hailey the Clown

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This is part of a series on what inspiration means to the people I meet while traveling in search of my own inspiration. Hailey’s a bubbly, free spirit. We met in Chennai, India in 2015 and traveled together for a while. We met again in Kathmandu a month later. She’s a clown by profession, making her a delight to be …

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My Guru Was a Seven-year-old Gypsy

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I came to India thinking an old bearded Wiseman would come to me and teach me about life and who I am. However, my guru wasn’t old, nor a man, but a seven year-old, dark-skinned gypsy girl with a dirty pink t-shirt, short-cropped hair and a huge smile. She skipped up the dusty beach road to my friends and me …

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A Few Observations From My First Month in India

In Culture, India, Jesse's Journal, Social Commentary, Travel Stories by Jesse Anderson2 Comments

After a few hours in India it became clear that I was in for an experience much more vivid than any image books and films painted in my mind. Flashing scenes of street vendors, potent smells of food and waste, and cluttered sounds of activity and traffic all bombarded my senses. One thing went through my mind one scene after …