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10 epic Burning Man moments that are finally coming back to me

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I didn’t intend for my first burn to be like this. No one does. You don’t do the burn. The burn does you. I intended for my Burning Man moments to include making magic with my camera, walking around naked, meditating in the morning, etc. Instead, a lot of other things happened. I forgot some of them until my brain …

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What is Burning Man? A Virgin’s Perspective (Pre-burn)

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The Burning Man idea sparked me right away. Mutant vehicles and massive, beautiful art installations. Burning a big wooden man in the desert. The images met my brain in an explosion of interest and curiosity. Burning man was definitely one for the bucket list. Now a few years later, I’m on my way to my first burn. I now realize …

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My Facebook Hiatus was Liberating. Here’s why.

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When I joined Facebook in college, circa 2008, I wouldn’t guess I’d ever need a Facebook hiatus. Before that I was a regular on MySpace. Facebook seemed so boring in comparison, yet everybody was jumping on the Facebook bandwagon. Like a good netizen, I reluctantly followed suit. Year after year it’s the same story: one day it’s useful, the next it’s wasteful. It’s entertaining, …

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The Magic of the Camino

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This is part of a series on walking the Camino de Santiago. Solvitur ambulando — Latin: “It is solved by walking” We all have problems. As the world gets more complicated, problems don’t seem to get much easier to solve. One solution—or at least the first step to a solution—is a good walk. A walk may begin with a mind …

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Vipassana Meditation: 10 Days of Silence and Fantasies

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The bullshit and buzzkills of life NEVER end. We want them to go away. But they don’t. ‘Mind over matter’ is the mantra, right? In 1863, Sir Charles Lyle first used the phrase to describe the evolving human mind. He wrote that “sensation, instinct, the intelligence of the higher mammalia bordering on reason—and the improvable reason of man himself—presents us with …

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Nepal Earthquake Survival Story: Day 3 into 4 (with photos)

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This is part 3 of my 3 part series sharing my experiences during the Nepal earthquake. Click here for part 1. April 27-28, 2012: Two days after the Nepal earthquake I woke again in my room at Mum’s Home hotel. It was the final day before my flight to Istanbul. But every day aftershocks kept flights out of Kathmandu grounded. Thousands of stranded people camped at the …