Amsterdam: The city of cycling. ‘Fotos and Facts’

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Amsterdam is known as the “Cycle city.” In fact, Amsterdam has been ranked as the most bicycle-friendly city in the world! Here is the city of Amsterdam and it’s bicycle culture in photos and facts:

Amsterdam cyclist

The majority of Amsterdammers and tourists alike hail the bicycle as the fastest, most flexible and fun way to get around Amsterdam. Number of cars in Amsterdam: 263,000…

Bicycles in Amsterdam

Number of bicycles: 881,000 bicycles in a city of 780,000 residents (January 2011 figures from the Amsterdam Department for Research and Statistics). That is 1.3 bicycles per person! – Police periodically put orange tags on parked bikes. Those with tags remaining after a month or so get impounded.

Bikes on racks

Amsterdam city officials are continually adding new bike racks/storage. Locking up your bike is absolutely essential in Amsterdam. If left unattended and unlocked there is a good chance your bicycle will end up stolen, disassembled and combined with other bike part to be sold as completely different bikes.

Locking up the bicycle

Each year in Amsterdam alone, about 100,000 bicycles are stolen and 25,000 end up in the canals. Pictured are people locking them securely to racks that span half the length of a football field.

Bicycle parking ‘spaces’ near Amsterdam Centraal:
Bike flat: 2,700
Bike platform: 1,120
Bike boat: 370
Supervised storage: 1,860
Racks (including in District of Noord): 2,750
Total: 7,800

A bunch of bicycles in a row

Most Dutch bikes are similar. Very practical to transportation (as opposed to sport) typical Dutch bikes have fenders on the tires and a rack on the back and/or front. Another feature that many–especially newer bikes–have is a quick key lock built on to the back wheel. A front and back light, as well as a bell are also common on many bikes in Amsterdam.

Parking the bicycle in Amsterdam

The area of one car parking space can hold 15 bikes. With so many bicycles in the city there must be a places to put them all. This is a multi-story bicycle ramp near Central Station that holds thousands of bikes.

Everyone rides bicycles in Amsterdam, from businessmen, to fashion models. Here a middle-aged woman unlocks her bike and gets ready to roll.

It isn’t just budget or fitness conscious people choosing the bicycle as their primary mode of transportation. Citzens of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds bike the city. Many do not even own cars. Here a mother and her son walk through a multi-story bicycle parking ramp after locking up their bike near Amsterdam Central Station.

Amsterdam cyclists travel two million kilometers a day collectively – with every four km travelled by bike instead of by car, one fewer kilogram of CO2 is released into the atmosphere. Having too much to carry is no excuse for Amsterdammers.

There are over 400km of dedicated bicycle paths in Amsterdam.

An estimated 881,000; 57% of Amsterdammers use their bike on a daily basis.

Amsterdammers are notorious for whizzing around the city, avoiding traffic signals.

There are 35 bicycle rental companies in Amsterdam. Many of them offer a variety of tours and types of cycles. These explorers are on Yellow Bike’s cycles.

people waiting for the light to turn - Amsterdam bicycle

38% of traffic movement in the city is by bike compared to 37% by car and 25% by public transport. In the city center, 57% of traffic movement is by bike.

All of the common elements of cycling in Amsterdam: the red bike lane, bikes locked to canal rails, the enormous bike ramp in the background. Amsterdam Loves Bicycling!

A dude in Vondel Park throws the thumbs up to the dude taking photos of bicyclists

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