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Welcome to Inspiration Travels!

Hey friends!

I’m Jesse Anderson, Chief Inspirer around here. But let’s be clear on one thing – I created Inspiration Travels with community in mind. It’s about Us (with a capital U) and our universal experience of life. It’s you that gives my journey meaning, and my journey is all our journeys. It’s an archetypal journey, a journey of curiosity to learn what the world has to teach. Building relationships with this community is important to me, so if you want to get more acquainted, click on my face.

Inspiration Travels is a travel blog about the transformative power of travel. We’re a community of seekers, explorers and storytellers. We crave new horizons. We need to venture out of our comfort zones. We’re here to talk about:

– How, why and where to travel
– Personal development and lifestyle design
– Meeting people that bring out the best in you
– Appreciating diversity and culture
– Pushing your limits
– Living more sustainably

Sound like we’re your kind of people? If so, then you’re our kind of people! Join the Inspiration Travels community today!

“I [traveled the world] because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

—Henry David Thoreau

Inspiration With Grit

Inspiration means different things to different people. “Inspiration with grit” is how we roll. That means giving inspiration an authentic, reality based context. Less political correctness. Less fluff. Less superficial BS. More stories of getting down and dirty, hitting the road and learning what the world has to teach. Our journey’s inspire us. The inspired traveler senses the soul of food, music, dance, ritual. The inspired traveler opens himself to ‘other’ culture, new ways of thinking. The inspired traveler seeks the truth within. The stories we create is where the magic happens. After all, life is about collecting experiences and creating stories. We all have the power to inspire. Our question is: What inspires you? What’s your story?

Travel With Intention

“Intentional travel” is that kind of travel that opens your mind, cultivates street smarts and instills grit. It stimulates a growth spurt of wisdom, clarity and strength. This usually doesn’t happen in a “vacation” context. All-inclusive’s are great, but they don’t stimulate. Need to get away form the rat race and re-evaluate your direction? Want to completely redesign your life? Do you simply want to experience something epic for once in your life? Travel with that intention and see what happens. I guarantee such a journey will change your life for the better. When we bring worldly insights back home to our lives, we approach everything as wiser, more confident and authentic version of ourselves. We believe intentional travel can not only change your life, but change the world in the process.